Our Environment


In fruit production of, we take care of our nature. Places where we produce fruit are equally attractive for tourists enjoying fresh air and light breeze, and relishing wonderful views.

Our fruit fields are unique and their vistas make for picture-perfect postcards having evaded detrimental environmental impact of intensive agriculture. To protect nature and make our fruit so special:

  • We pick best locations for planting various types of fruit.

  • We use high-quality virus- & pest-free certified seedlings to avoid the spread of pests in our orchards.

  • We rotate our crops. Before planting new fruit stock, we let the soil rest for a while.

  • We use natural organic fertilizers, such as manure, to enhance soil fertility, and let humus bacteria, worms and other living organisms make our soil come to life with a bounty of fruit.

  • We keep the use of pesticides to the minimum, if any. In many areas at high altitude, thanks to favorable conditions in the uplands, our farmers do not use pesticides at all

  • We employ special production techniques (Ariljska Malina Technology®). With our biohacking techniques, we are producing high-quality fruit using only special pruning and cultivation techniques involving no chemicals whatsoever.

  • We take care of our water saving as much of this precious resource as we can. We have deployed drip irrigation delivering our fresh natural water drop-by-drop to each plant in our orchards.

  • We promote our environment and pristine nature as a perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment.