Our People


For decades, our growers were selling fruit to traders and deep-freezing companies in Serbia. Our farmers were working hard. Our women were struggling to balance out the demands of work and family life.

In the end, we needed to take a different tack. We built state-of-the-art facilities to process our fruit. This has given us independence and full control of our production cycle. This has also brought fresh hope to our children for a better future.

Our growers rallied to establish 5 family cooperatives attracting more than 200 families.

  • 150 families in Western Serbia specialized in raspberries (protected designation of origin) and blackberries

  • 20 families in Central Serbia specialized in plums

  • 30 families in Southern Serbia specialized in strawberries

  • 20 families in Eastern Serbia specialized in apples

  • 30 families in Eastern Serbia specialized in sour cherries

Building on the long-standing tradition of fruit production in Serbia, our growers are employing innovative techniques and science. Our berry production technology has already become world-famous (Ariljska Malina Technology). We are carefully heeding natural cycles and deploying special biohacking techniques when producing our berries. We are also maintaining healthy soil, using the water with care and tracing every piece of fruit picked to the point of offering the final product to you, our customer.