Our Production


Our Cooperative Union is committed to growing the best fruit. To make sure we achieve this, we have introduced a set of high quality standards at every stage of the production process. We have at our disposal several modern production lines:

Freezing facilities

In our freezing plants, we freeze our berries within minutes after they have been harvested, thereby keeping all the nutrients intact.

The production process is optimally automated, kicking off with the lines for fruit reception, washing, sorting, calibrating and fruit pitting. Our fruit are then funneled into through-flow freezing tunnels that individually quick-freeze our berries checking the-most-demanding-food-safety-requirement box.

Drying facilities

Our dehydration facility is specifically optimized for the production of naturally dehydrated berries. This technology is helping us retain more nutrients in comparison to freeze-drying approach. Our dried berry crumbles and powders are highly valued by food processors, as well as nutraceutical and cosmetic companies.

Fruit Juice
Production Line

Thanks to modern technologies, we are able to produce superfruit juices and fruit beverages without losing any nutritional value. Our processing line enables us to retain as many nutrients, vitamins and enzymes as possible, preventing their oxidation and maximizing their nutritional value. The line consists of various segments for crushing, pressing and collecting juice which is thereafter pasteurized.

Our production process is fully compliant with the European hygiene and safety regulations resulting in natural, high-quality juices and fruit beverages, with no preservatives added, and yet with all its wholesome properties and nutrients intact.